The North Reading Girls Softball Board of Directors appreciate you volunteering your time to help us make our program successful and enjoyable for the girls. A coach’s responsibility includes providing a safe environment for all players, instilling sportsmanship, and teaching the fundamental skills of softball. When you become a coach, you become a lot more than a drill instructor. The below outlines the expectations that the board of directors have for each coach within our league.

  • Coaches are required to attend the Coaching Clinic each season.  Only those coaches will be permitted to coach this season.
  • Coaches must attend and actively participate in all players skills clinics for their respective division.
  • Coaches will show up prepared for games and practices.
  • Coaches must always promote good sportsmanship and attitude and to make sure that their players do the same.
  • Coaches will refrain from displaying an argumentative approach with other coaches, players, and teammates.  Use the proper chain of command to resolve issues on the field.
  • Different players have different abilities and coaches should celebrate great effort and steady improvement just as much as great athlete achievements
  • Coaches should teach their players to show leadership, not arrogance likewise, never allow a player or your team to become complacent with her performance.  Make sure all your players know that even if they are good, they can get better.
  • Our league has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any umpire abuse that is reported and confirmed by umpires, spectators, managers/coaches, or board members. Umpire abuse is defined in a deliberate action that makes an umpire feel physically threatened, verbally intimidated or emotionally humiliated.  Disrespectfully objecting calls, yelling at, publicly calling, constantly disagree with an umpire by action or verbally can be deemed as umpire abuse.  Coaches should always show decorum, respect, and observe all game rules whenever questioning an umpire about a call.
  • Coaches much go through their appropriate division director with any issues, concerns, or complaints.  If a problem arises with any parent or player, you must let your division director know as soon as possible.
  • Coaches are responsible for returning the bases and any other league equipment (pitching rubbers, pitching masks, etc.) to the appropriate storage area.
  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring the fields and team areas are clean following all practices and games (remove all trash, water bottles, etc.)
  • Coaches will ensure that parents from their team work the snack shack as outlined in the schedule provided by the board of directors.  If a conflict arises, it is the job of the coaches to organize an appropriate replacement.